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I challenge myself by exploring objects, sceneries, people and abstract items. For me, every photo has an emotion. It tells me where I was, with whom I was and in what state of mind I was.

I try to capture the essence of an object and translate it into a new piece that balances the original.

What does this mean?

A place, a room, an environment has its surroundings. By shooting a frame of reality, it gets a different meaning. It has been reshaped without any distractions. Placing the object in symmetry with reality, the photo stands alone – with a story behind. For me and the object that story is clear, for others to fill in.

With that vision, focus and ambition, I explore many types of photography. For now, my main sceneries are ‘commercial’, ‘events’, ‘interior’ and ‘wedding’ photography.

I’m curious to invest my time in new surroundings such as ‘portret’ and top-notch ‘studio’ photography.


studio & office: STUDIO BRANDWERK l Brabantdam 92, 9000 Ghent (Belgium)
admin: Parklaan 22b, 9932 Lievegem (Belgium)

mail: rembrand@brandwerk.be
call: +32 474 91 33 16

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